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Within Arriva Hospitality Group lies SAREBLU, a prominent Mexican construction company. Its focus is on building and renovating commercial complexes such as hotels and offices, with global reach. Through property acquisition or partnerships with investors, it specializes in hotel projects.

imagen de titulo comercialización
imagen de titulo comercialización

History of the company

In 2018, a new corporate entity emerged in response to the expansion demands of the Arriva Hospitality Group conglomerate. This company, established as a subsidiary, swiftly became a pivotal player in addressing the construction and remodeling needs of hotels under Arriva's umbrella.

During its inaugural year of operation, this company was tasked with overseeing the construction of the magnificent Hotel Crown Paradise Riviera Maya, an impressive structure spanning a construction area of 48,716.52 m2, offering a total of 359 rooms. Additionally, in the same year, an ambitious expansion project was undertaken, resulting in an additional tower with 92 rooms, occupying a construction area of 7,000 m2.

The essence of this company lies in its ability to offer high-quality control processes, perfectly tailored to the most pressing needs of business centers. This meticulous approach ensures exceptional profitability for the group's investments. The company is distinguished by its unparalleled flexibility, offering a wide range of solutions designed to exceed the most demanding expectations of our end customers.


Short term:

Remodeling of Vista Express hotels.
Remodeling of Crown Paradise.
Remodeling of corporate offices AHG.


Sensira Resort & Spa Petempich Hotel Construction.
Construction of the new Golden Puerto Vallarta tower.