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Interested in innovative hospitality transformation?

In Arriva Hospitality Group we have operated hotels for more than 50 years in different destinations throughout Mexico. We offer trust and excellent profit margins to our investors and unique experiences to our guests, whether its a vacation, business trip or a congress, we achieve a loyalty that is renewed year after year.

Commercial Allies

We have different offices for the commercialization of our brands, which through high performance teams cover the national market, as well as the USA / CAN market, South America and Europe with strategic allies and representation.

National offices, Guadalajara and Mexico City.
USA / Canada, office in Los Angeles and representatives.
Panama, commercial allies.


  • Experience

    Take advantage of Arriva Hospitality Group's legacy as a successful hotel operator company: All-Inclusive, European plan, limited-service, extended stays.

  • Statistical information

    Based on other hotels, have references of past experiences and similar hotels.

  • Supervision of personnel and operations

    It is feasible to have permanent contact with the hotels, in different areas of specialization.

  • Staff flexibility

    Have staff to fill vacancies and generate promotions, as well as support between different hotels, including training programs.

  • Methods and procedures

    Proven operation systems, which makes it easy to start new hotel operations, and improve operational performance.

imagen de beneficios
imagen de beneficios

  • Financing

    Increase the confidence level of banks for loans.

  • Stability levels

    Reduce the time required to reach levels of operational stability.

  • Brand recognition

    Facilitate the commercialization of the hotel, it can be through franchising.

  • Flexibility for operation

    Adapt the organization to the conditions of each hotel.

  • Organizational culture

    Implement Code of Ethics and Values, as well as quality culture.

  • Specialized Attention

    Staff trained to directly address operational issues of the hotels.

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Operated properties
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Years of experience

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