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Vacation Club Service

They are distinguished by the flexibility and options of services offered to their members.
The vacation club brings together a very specific segment of consumers that regularly has a purchasing power superior to the rest of the clients who usually visit the resort, therefore the value proposal received by the members affiliated to the club plays an important role in the success of it.


Companies that have a Vacation Club can obtain several benefits; we would like to mention some below:

  • No matter what the membership structure may be (points, discounts, nights, etc.), members affiliated to the Club represent an excellent opportunity for increasing or generating the occupation levels of a resort, depending on the rate structure included in the membership.
  • Highly satisfied club members wil not hesitate to recommend the brand, and therefore will help to position it to attract new clients, with lower Marketing costs.
  • Vacation Clubs are usually a driving force in many companies due to the cash flows generated by marketing memberships, where members pay in advance for a service they will enjoy in the future.